RIP Roomba

Got home the other day to see the lights on Roomba's base station blinking and no power light on Roomba. Blinking on the base station means something's wrong, and sure enough putting a volt meter on Roomba's transformer brick showed fluctuating voltages. Not a good thing for something that's supposed to be putting out DC power. I have a feeling it probably got knocked out by one of the brownouts/power surges from the storms we've been having lately.

Good news: I bought one of Best Buy's 4 year service plans to go with Roomba. So I just take it in, have them fix/replace the transformer brick and Roomba's back in action.

Bad news: Best Buy's brick and mortar stores don't carry Roomba, and the best they can do is issue me a refund in the form of a BestBuy gift card. But they tell me that I can use it to buy myself a brand spankin' new Roomba from!

More bad news: doesn't carry Roomba anymore.

Rats. Now all I have is a Best Buy gift card, and no Roomba. I'll have to shell out more $ for a new Roomba from somewhere else, and find something to spend this gift card on.

Argh. If I'd known this was going to happen, I'd have just bought a replacement transformer brick to begin with.