Something I learned in high school

Way back in my prehistory, my 10th grade math teacher (and school vice-principal) threatened to kick me out of class because all I would do in her class was read a book. Usually not a math book either. This perturbed her mightily, so one day she took me aside to ask why I never paid attention during class while she was lecturing. I told her quite plainly it was because I already knew the stuff she was teaching and had already done the homework (usually I was doing the day's assignment in class while she was teaching us about it).

So she decided to give me a test to challenge me. If I did well, I could spend my time in the library. It was a tough test, but I did very well on it. I told her I just wanted to stay in class and keep reading. She left me alone after that.

Anyway, a couple of years at graduation and being the vice-principal of the school, she gave one of the commencement addresses. There she gave everyone a valuable piece of advice that has stuck with me ever since.

A good speech has a beginning, an end and no middle

It's something I keep in mind whenever I have to do any public speaking. Maybe if more people kept this in mind when writing speeches they would be less boring to listen to.