The accidental monacle

This morning as I'm puttering around getting stuff ready to head off to work, the thought pops into my head that it's probably around that time when I need to call and schedule a routine eye exam. It's been about 2 years since the last one so it's time. I go to adjust my glasses on my face and *pop*...I hear a lens land on the floor and I suddenly have no depth perception and can't see out of one eye.


I'd had a problem with this when I first got the glasses and ended up having the lady at my eyeglass shop using an extra long screw and glue to hold it together. Now I have a feeling the threads are worn with age and it's going to take some slightly more extreme measures to hold these glasses together until I can get new ones. With an eye appointment scheduled for tomorrow, that's probably going to be at least a couple of weeks. Back to my eyeglass lady to see what she can do with them.

Maybe it's time to ask my optometrist if that Lasik thing will work for me.

Update: My eyeglass lady was able to put my glasses back together with a new screw and a healthy application of clear nail polish. Hopefully this will keep everything together for the next couple of weeks until the new glasses come in. Maybe I'll stop at the store and get some Crazy Glue on the way home...just in case.