A long first day of PET/CT learning

The first 6 hours of PET/CT lectures are over with. Long day listening to a lot of stuff. Most of it wasn't anything I didn't already know...CT basics, PET basics. A couple of good lectures on PET/CT artifacts and PET/CT shielding. Lots of good information out of those two lectures.

Hands on stuff tomorrow...looking forward to some of that. Should be interesting.

MD Anderson is quite the sprawling medical metropolis. There are these cool Access kiosks scattered in strategic locations that show you how to get places or find places if you're lost. And it'll even print out a map and directions for you too! MD Anderson's own Mapquest you could say.

The walk from where I'm staying (the Rotary House) is about as far away as you can get from where the course is being held, but there's a nice convenient walkway, the Skybridge, that lets me walk there without having to go outside. I've heard it called the 'Green Mile' by the locals, probably referring to the distance and the green carpeting. If you get tired, there are electric golf carts you can hitch a ride on too.

It's an early start tomorrow, and another late finish.