Atlantic hurricanes in Google Earth

Browsing around the Google Earth Community BBS can turn up a lot of interesting things to mess around in Google Earth with.

Thanks to pseabury, you can find a collection of Atlantic hurricanes as a series of .kmz files organized by decade, which you can then load into Google Earth. It's really kind of neat to have 250 years of storm tracks showing up on Google Earth. What's even neater is turning them all on. It really drives home the fact that pretty much wherever you live on the Gulf/Atlantic coast, some day a storms going to hit that area.

I thought I'd check out how many storms went past the Charleston area in the past 250 years. With a little bit of clicking, I counted 17 storms that passed through or near the Charleston area (within about 30 miles or so, give or take). Most were tropical storms, with only 1 or two hurricanes. Not as bad as I thought it would be for this area.