Blog for Relief day

It's Blog Relief Day today, an effort started up by TTLB and the Instapundit guy.

Donate to the Red CrossSo in case you missed the big red Donate button from yesterday's post, or it's too far down for your lazy finger to scroll too, here it is again. My charity of choice is the Red Cross, but you can make a donation to whatever charity you want. Here's a big long list in case you can't think of one on your own. Just make sure it's a good and reputable one. You want to make sure all or most of your donation goes to help the hurricane victims, and not to lining some telemarketers' big behind.

Donate to the Humane SocietyOh, and don't forget the animals. They'll need a hand getting out of this mess too.

I've already made my donations. How about you? Who knows, those people stuck there might be you some day. When you're done, go here to log your contribution.