How badly can you hurt him?

Stair Dismount (Porrasturvat) was a cheesy fun little game I found a few years ago. The premise is simple. Select an impact point on the dummy's body, click at the desired impact power level and watch it fall down the stairs. See how much damage you can dish out to the dummy.

Another variant, Truck Dismount (Rekkaturvat) puts the dummy in a truck with positionable ramps and 6 different dummy locations. Some of the hits the dummy takes make me wince.

I'm not sure why I find it so amusing. Maybe it's a strange fascination to push stuff down stairs and watch it tumble. Maybe it's watching the dummy's head pop up when you hit it right, or the contortions it goes through as it falls. Could be the cheesy porn movie music, or the sound effects with each impact. Whatever it is, there's usually something that makes me chuckle.