My Googleprint

Inspired by Blogus Maximus' footprints in the internet post, I decided to see what kind of 'Googleprint' I had. I've been around the net for a good long time, so I was expecting it to be reasonably substantial.

Googling my name returned 237 000 results, with me having a significant presence in the first 5 pages. Sporadic mention in the next 3 or 4 pages, but still there. I didn't go much farther than that.

Googling my name in quotes returns 644 results with the majority of it actually referring to me. Many of the results are things like mailing list/newsgroup postings or trails I've left behind at

Googling my Net alias yields 517 results, the vast majority of them belonging to me (board/blog/newsgroup postings making up the bulk).

Not as much as I expected, but I guess it's about right considering Google's only been indexing for the past 7 years.

Oh, and as a side note, I am not this guy:

Police in West Vancouver, British Columbia, said in April that they had stopped a three-year petty-crime spree in a neighborhood of upscale homes when they arrested multimillionaire Eugene Mah, 64, and his son, Avery, 32. According to police, the two are responsible for stealing hundreds of minor and even tacky items, such as garbage cans, marginal lawn decorations and even government recycling boxes, and keeping them at their own posh home. Mah's Vancouver real estate holdings are reported at about $13 million (U.S.), but among the items he allegedly stole were one family's doormat and, subsequently, each of the 14 doormats the family purchased as replacements.