Only 7 names left

TD 15 was named TS Nate last night. 3 months left in the season and only 7 names left on the Atlantic hurricane names list.

Fortunately Nate, which is forecast to become Hurricane Nate in a few days, looks to be making a U-turn and heading out to the north Atlantic. People in Bermuda might have to keep an eye on this thing though.

The tally so far:
Tropical Depressions: 1516
Named storms: 14
Tropical Storms: 9
Hurricanes: 5
Major hurricanes: 4 (Dennis, Emily, Katrina, Maria)

The peak of the season has only just started too.

Update:: The NHC has turned the system off the coast of Florida into TD 16 with today's 11 AM update. Forecast has it moving nearly parallel to the eastern coast of Florida and reaching tropical storm strength in the next day or so, making this one Ophelia.