A jolly good Howloween

Had a fun little Howloween party for the dogs at the dog park today. There were a lot of dogs there today, and a few of them dressed up too! Nala was in her Superman costume for a few minutes, but it didn't stay on for very long once she started running around. So off it came except for the cape. There was Isabelle the pirate, Sam the pumpkin, Tide in Hawaiian shirt and lei, Bones in fairy wings, Sara all dressed up, and metal rocker Edgar. We even provided little treat bags with some biscuits, tennis balls and a rawhide chew for some of the bigger dogs. I think everybody had a pretty good time (people included).

Nala's definitely having more fun with the cooler weather. During the summer she'd be running around, and after 30-45 minutes she'd be done and pooped out. Today she was running around the whole two hours we were at the park, and pretty much non-stop at that.

Nala turned 10 months yesterday, and weighed in at 70 pounds today.