Getting back into running

This past weekend, I strapped on the running shoes again. It's been a long time since I stopped running. 9 years ago when I moved to Detroit was when I stopped. There simply weren't any safe runnable areas around me. Then I moved to Charleston SC, where again there weren't a lot of decent bikable or runnable areas that didn't have traffic speeding by at 40 or 50 mph. Sure, there are a lot of runners around. But by then, it had been a few years, and work was busy, so I never got started back up. Since then I've packed on about 30 extra pounds and have been missing my biking and running since then. There's also this thing about the weather too. I'm not sure how people do it around here, running around in 40°+ weather. I can hardly walk out the door to the car in the driveway without having all the life sucked out of me by the heat and humidity!

Now we have Nala, and I decided it was finally time to get off my lazy fat ass and start running again, both as a way to help burn off some of that excess lab puppy energy, and for me to finally get back into shape and drop some of this extra blubber.

Runners and coaches tell people that keeping a running log is a good way of keeping yourself motivated and tracking your progress. That's what this space is for, my running log.