Running at dusk

Time: 1820
Temp: 16°C
Distance: ~2 km

Mornings are a little bit too cool to be working out lungs that haven't been worked hard in a long time, so I've shifted the running to when I get back from work. Still decently warm, and it should give me time to get acclimated. Cold air, warm lungs...recipe for getting sick.

A decent run up and back. Shin muscles (the wife could probably tell me the proper name for those muscles) on my left leg need some strengthening. They get all sore and weak halfway through my run, which makes the left foot very flappy. Doesn't make for very good running form.

Nala seemed to be enjoying today's outing, and kept pace with me for about 3/4 of the run.

Weight: a chunky 80 kg