Sun Ultra 10 vs dual P II 450

How does a Sun Ultra 10 box compare with a dual Pentium II 450 box in terms of performance? We've been looking to replace this server for some time now, but since there is never any budget for this kind of thing, I've been relegated to scavenging hand-me down servers. One possibility is to take a Dell PowerEdge 6300 with dual P II Xeon 450s and see if I can turn it into a quad processor unit with the CPUs from this box. Another possibility replace this server with a Sun Ultra 10. I wonder if I can install Fedora on an Ultra 10...

Nope, x86 and PowerPC only...looks like I'll be stuck with Solaris. I wonder how well Solaris 10 runs on an Ultra 10. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to scavenge enough parts to beef it up some.

According to's speed pages, a dual P II 450 will crunch RC5-72 keys at 1,825,164.00 keys/s (I think that's probably this machine...). A dual UltraSPARC II 400 MHz does 1,134,165.67 keys/s.

Maybe I should try to set up the quad PII box...What I really need to do is scrounge up a better machine.