Time, time time

I have a mild obsession with time...more specifically, making sure my clocks are accurate and tell me the right time. I think it comes from going to schools and jobs where every single clock read a slightly different time. You could look at 10 different clocks, and get 10 different times. It always drove me nuts.

All the computers I use have some form of time synchronization software to get a reasonably accurate time from one of my servers, which in turn is synchronized daily with a Stratum 2 time server. I have two clocks that synchronize with the NIST time signal broadcast from Fort Collins, CO. They don't display seconds though. The other clocks get synchronized to the computer as does my watch.

I've been pushing to have time synchronization software enabled or installed on the imaging equipment too, to make sure the images and studies get accurate time stamps (some medico-legal reasons for this). They can be notoriously bad for having inaccurate time. Once I found an control console that was off by several days. Hasn't been all that easy though. Most vendors are always a little bit suspicious about software they don't know about, even if it's something that's already on the system, and it's always the first to get blamed if something goes wrong.