Upgrading to MT 3.2

Finally got around to upgrading to MT 3.2. Rather than upgrading the existing installation, I opted to make a copy of the database and a parallel installation of MT. That way, if something went wrong, reverting back to 3.17 would be simple. Fortunately nothing went wrong.

There are a number style sheet changes that will take me a while to integrate into this blog (if ever), but the RunningBlog is using the new templates. I gotta say, StyleCatcher is pretty sweet for grabbing new blog styles (themes in 3.2 now). I'm really liking some of the default styles available. The new interface is nice to work in too. Rebuilds seem to go faster in 3.2 also.

I think once I figure out how the styles are organized, changing the look of the blog is going to be easier to do.

Update: Rats...individual archives are broken. looks like a problem with SCode. Nope, turned out I needed to fix the mtview.php template and rebuild it. Duh.