Where I run

I'm so out of shape it's pretty pathetic. The house is at the end of along straight cul-de-sac road and using the car odometer, it measured just about 0.7 miles out to the main road, which is just over 1 km. An out and back trip is about 2.2 km, which I've done several times walking with the dog. It's a nice walk. Eventually I'll be able to do the whole distance and longer without stopping, but for now, I take a walking pause every 300 meters or so. Don't want to push too hard this early after all. Good way to hurt yourself.

After being cooped up all day, Nala's pretty enthusiastic about getting out. She'll trot along pretty nicely on the way out at a relatively decent slow jogging speed, but then on the way back she either gets tired, or bored and slows down to a slow trot/fast walk. Then I end up almost pulling her along (which is almost the opposite of our trip out) and stopping more often to encourage her to keep going. Considering how much running and darting around she does at the dog park and how fast she goes, I'm inclined to think that maybe she's just getting bored with plain old trotting up the street. I might have to start bringing treats to make it interesting for her.