Fun at the Labrador Fun Day

At the Lab Fun DayWe were out at the Labrador Fun Day hosted by the Coastal South Carolina Lab Retriever Club yesterday. Great day to be out at the park, and they had a lot of fun things for dogs and people going on. There were lab races, biscuit eating contests, costume contests, lab kissing and tail wagging contests going on, and retriever demonstrations both on land and in the water. Nala got 2nd place in the costume contest and race! Definitely a fun time, and we got to meet a lot of other lab owners and their dogs. When it came to the water retrieving, she went for the duck like a champ. Not the most elegant retrieve, and she ended up splashing the duck further away before she managed to nab it though, but she really went for it. Maybe we'll have to get one of those floating duck decoys. We'd have to attach it to a long string though, just in case she decides to go swim after something else.