Spam through

Well, this is a new one (for me anyway). Spam coming through Amazon's seller contact form. Like lots of other people, I sell some of my unneeded books on Amazon. The profile page has a 'Contact this seller' link that sends you to a form where you can send a message to the seller asking questions. Today this obviously spammy message was waiting for me in my mailbox

How are you! I am very interested in this production. Is it new or secondhand ? I used to buy something on '_______________', Because I found that most of the goods on the website are more cheaper than on the amazon. I would like to buy what I need if you can list the goods on it.

I removed the mangled URL (no doubt mangled to escape whatever URL filters Amazon might have in place), since the last thing I want to do is help the dumb spammers along. I wonder how many other Amazon sellers have this problem.