There's a new HOA

Went to the first organizational meeting for the homeowner's association for the development we live in. There seemed to be a pretty good turnout for this first meeting. Learned a few things about the neighbourhood too.

  • There are 34 houses in the development
  • The two builders that built most of the homes still own most of them and rent them out
  • The big black dog with the white patch on his chest that roams the area barking and growling at everyone is apparently a stray.
  • A pediatrician lives here
  • Most people are upset about all the cars blocking driveways and sidewalks, just like we are
  • One of the people living here is the son of one of the builders
  • One couple are New Jersey transplants

Overall it seemed to be a reasonably productive meeting. Picked a few 'volunteers' to serve as the HOA officers and architectural review board, set up a few rules for the neighbourhood and set the HOA dues. They dealt mostly with where cars could and couldn't park and noise regulations. I think there will end up being another meeting in a month or so to work on more organizational things.