Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

The father-in-law's getting a little frustrated with his computer now and has been surfing E-Bay checking out prospects for a new one. Since he knows just enough about computers to get into trouble, mom-in-law's asked me to see about specing out and purchasing a new one that will keep him going for the next few years.

Old computer is a Dell I spec'd out about 5 years ago, a relatively modest 450MHz that's starting to show its age. So what to get next.

Budget is limited, so I've been thinking about an AMD Athlon duall-core something. Single core would probably be more than sufficient, but I think a dual core CPU will stay technologically relevant longer. I've been looking at the HP Pavillion series, partly because Dell doesn't do AMD, and lately some of the newer Dells at work have been having some reliability issues. I think I should be able to get something pretty decent that fits within the budget.