A good Boxing/Shopping day to you

Hope everybody had a good Christmas yesterday. The house was hopping with friends and family from about noon to 11 PM. With the gifts exchanged and opened just after midnight, people slept in and came by just in time for the feasting to begin. The turkey and mac & cheese looked to be pretty much demolished by the end of the day, but I think there might be a few leftovers to keep us going for a few more days.

Santa must have thought I was a good boy again, because I got a lot of cool stuff off my wishlist that I'm looking forward to playing with or reading.

So now today we'll be travelling to the in-law's house to set up the new computer. I'm hoping I'll be able to get everything going without having to go out to the store, but I have a feeling I'll probably need to make at least one trip to BestBuy for an IDE card. There's going to be a few things from his old computers going into the new one, and there's only 2 IDE channels to work with, which should be just enough for what I need to put in (I hope). It's only going to be a quick trip, because it's back to work on Wednesday.

I'm sure Nala will enjoy the trip out there, even if she has to be harrassed by these kids some more.
Nala with two of the kids

Nala will be a year old tomorrow. Going to have to plan something fun to do for her birthday!