A year of big firsts

It's been a busy and exciting year, full of 'firsts' for us. First dog, first house, and yesterday we went shopping for our first live Christmas tree! Nala even got to see her first horse too. She seemed a little bit nervous at seeing such a large animal, and barked a few times at it. We didn't let her get too close to the horse though.

Rather than going to the commercial tree sellers that pop up on every parking lot this time of year, we found this tree farm over on Johns Island where you can pick and cut your own tree. Most of them were plain old pine trees, so not as full looking as the fir trees most people get, but they were nicely shaped and manicured. Some of the trees were cypress-y looking things, that looked pretty nice, but didn't seem as fragrant as the pines. We picked out a reasonably nice looking pine tree that was about 3m (~10') or so. They let you tag a tree and come back later to cut it, so you can get it home really really fresh.

So in about 10 days, we'll head back, go find our tree again and get it cut down and strapped to the car so we can haul it back to the house and set it up in the living room. I think decorating it should be fun and interesting.

Today, if the weather holds out and cooperates, we'll be decorating the outside of the house.