Nala Protector Dog

Lately Nala's taken on the role of Fierce House Guardian, faithfully alerting us to all kinds of potential intruders - squirrels, birds, the occasional neighbourhood dog that's escaped from its' house and wanders through our yard. That kind of thing. She doe sthe job very effectively, and stands guard at the back door looking out for the little menaces.

First it starts with a huffing noise, which might turn into growling if she thinks she sees something. If she actually sees something (usually a squirrel), then she lets out a surprisingly deep bark or two.

A couple of times the last few weeks some of the neighbours' dogs have become escape artists, and for some reason they always end up wandering through our back yard. Once Nala spots them, she lets out a bunch of growls and barks, but when they come close she's all about playing and can't wait to get out there to join them.

Then there are the stray dogs who come out of the woods every now and then. She definitely doesn't like those intruder dogs, so they always get the fierce 'Go away' growls and barks.

So now we can rest safely at night knowing that Nala will keep us safe from the squirrels and birds. People on the other hand, she'd probably open the door for if she could.