That dual-Opteron system again

Last year, a dual-Opteron system caught my eye, so I priced one out to see what I'd need. Of course now that same system is pretty much obsolete, but I thought I'd check and see how the price changed between then and now.

Tyan Thunder K8W1$430.50 $408$430.50 $408
Opteron 246 2 GHz2$675 $219$1350 $438
512MB Corsair CM72D512RLP CMX512-32004$146 $63$584 $252
Gigabyte 256MB Geforce 5950 Ultra XFX 256MB Geforce 5950 1$391 $369$391 $369
Maxtor 250GB SATA HD2$185.70 $90$371.40 $180
Sony DRU-530A DVD+/-RW1$135 $49.50$135 $49.50
Thermaltake V1000D V1000A case1$128 $143$128 $143
Samsung 193S 19" LCD1$577 $339.95$577 $339.95
Enermax EG651P-VE Power Supply1$133.50 $109.70$133.50 $109.70
Extras $100$100

Total cost: $4200.40 $2389.15

That's quite the change in price over a year and a half. It's stil a system that would be more than sufficient to cover my computing needs for the next few years. Naturally I'd probably want to replace some of the components listed above with newer items, which would no doubt bump the price back up. I wonder if two dual-core Opterons would fit in this motherboard...