My first conference presentation

Good: Today I got asked by one of our rad techs to speak at the SCSRT meeting coming up in about 6 weeks.
Inconvenient: I need to come up with a topic and outline by tomorrow so the organizers can send all the info in to get the meeting approved for CE credits.
Good: I can speak on whatever topic I want.
Bad: I don't know what I want to talk about. Current ideas are digital detector technology and identifying image artifacts.
Bad: Whatever I end up talking about will mean lots of work preparing and researching.
Good: I can get Cat 1 CE credits for doing this.
Bad: It goes on the list with all the other things that need to get done in a very short time period.
Good: Something else to add to my CV.
Good: I can probably use this as a MOC SDEP

With my luck I'll be the last speaker on the last day of the meeting.