Review: Marley & Me

Just finished reading Marley & Me last night. It's a book that will tug at the heart strings of every dog lover out there.

Marley is a lab retriever. Somewhat overly rambunctions, not all there, but full of life, love and energy. Maybe a little more than his fair share, but despite his antics, the trouble he gets into and the chaos he causes, you can't help but fall in love with Marley (even if he's not yours). At the same time you're thanking the gods that your dog isn't like Marley, you almost wish he was your dog. Marley's all exhuberance, loyalty and love and shares it by the bucketloads even up to the very end. The ending is kind of sad, but even still you can't help but remember the fun parts of Marley. After you're finished the book, it really made me think about Nala's place in our lives, how much joy and love she's brought to us (even though she's not nearly as exhuberant as Marley by a long shot) and definitely not to take her for granted.

Read the book, and then go hug your dog. You'll appreciate it.

I even miss Marley, even though I only knew him from reading the book.

5 stars out of 5 for this one.