Tasty meaty fare

Went to check out a new Brazilian place called Amazon Grill last night. Way out in Goose Creek, it was out in an area that we've never been to before, so finding the place was a bit of an adventure to begin with. But after being lost for only about 30 minutes or so, we finally found our way to the place, located in an unassuming strip mall.

The restaurant was a nice, well lit place with the buffet running down the middle. Not a huge selection, but enough to keep us interested. We saw black beans, stewed beef, chicken, fish, rice, some delicious fried bananas that everybody kept going back for, and a cauldron of reasonably tasty soup made with beans and meat. At the other end of the buffet was the salady and fruity stuff and in between a freezer section with ice cream for later.

The real attraction were the guys bringing around spits of meat and sausages fresh off the grill to each of the tables (which apparently only happens on Fridays and Saturdays). If you opt for the buffet and grill, they stop at your table, you grab a piece of meat and they slice it right off the spit for you. There were a few different varieties, including bacon-wrapped chicken, brazillian sausages, sirloin, tenderloin and filet. All of them were very tasty, and if you managed to get some of the inner more medium sections, very tender and juicy. Even the outer more well-done parts of meat were tasty and full of that grilled rotisserie flavour, although somewhat tougher to eat.

It's definitely a very meaty restaurant with anything resembling veggies being in somewhat short supply. Meat-loving carnivores out there are sure to love the buffet and grill. Definitely a place we'll have to go back and try again.