Trusty computer, don't fail me now!

The computer at home decided not to boot up properly anymore. Gets to the Windows boot screen, then does a BSOD, and reboots itself. So after doing this a few times, I booted up the Dell diagnostics and started running those. At least two tests on one of the drives failed, saying 'a possible failure is predicted by the device's SMART status'. Not sure which drive it is yet, but with my luck it's probably the one with all the important stuff on it and no recent backup done either (I was getting around to doing one, really I was). Go figure.

Hopefully I can figure out a way to recover from this enough so I can at least copy some of the more important stuff to another drive.

I have a feeling it's going to be a long night.

Update: 10 hours later it's still doing the read test on my 160GB drive. 1 bad block found so far, which hopefully will be recoverable. Hopefully I won't have to reformat it or anything. That'll mean losing a lot of non-critical stuff like captured videos, photos and all our ripped CDs. Inconvenient, but not fatal. If this is the only problem found, then I'll have gotten off lucky. I have a feeling there will be more though.