You call that service?

I've never been a big fan of McDonald's, both from a food and service stand point, but the wife gets these cravings for McDonald's every now and then, so we end up there on occasion. Yesterday was one of those occasions, and what probably should only have been a few minutes waiting in the drive-thru lane turned into about 30 at the McDonald on the peninsula. This particular McDonald's has always had pretty crappy service to begin with, but we were there and the wife wanted a cheeseburger. I suppose when I restarted the car to move up to the ordering sign, we should have taken that as an indication of things to come.

So there we are, third in line wondering what's taking the person so long to order. Finally he drives off, the lady in front of us starts up the car and drives up to the speaker. After waiting a few more minutes, she gives multiple orders, asking for the price after each one. This takes about 10 minutes.

Finally we make it up to the speaker, and end up waiting for another 5 minutes before a staticy voice says she'll be with us in a minute. 5 more minutes pass by with cars behind us deciding to bail out and leave. We probably should have joined them.

15 minutes *after* we reach the speaker, the staticy voice comes back and asks for our order, which we have to give *twice* because apparently weweretalkingtoofast the first time. S..o....w..e....s..p..o..k..e....s..l..o..w..e..r. Finally, we got our order in. Drive up to the window, pay...and wait some more.

We get the drink we ordered, but then someone says the McNuggets were dropped, and ask us to pull forward guessed it, wait some more. At this point I was about ready to go inside and tell them to forget the order and get a refund. Finally after waiting another 5 minutes, we got our stuff (minus straw, napkins and sauce for the McNuggets) and left.

Needless to say, I think that'll be the last time we go to this particular McD's (or any other one if I had my druthers)