At the Charity Ball

MUSC Charity Ball 2006Yesterday we were at the MUSC Charity Ball, one of those fund raising events put on by a student organization where everyone gets to dress up and look all spiffy. Lots of students and faculty show up to have a good time dancing and showing off their dressy duds.

Since the wife is part of the group that puts the event on, attendance for me is kind of mandatory. It's a nice event though, and a chance for people to see how really dressed up everyone else can get. It also means I usually end up being one of the helpers at the end too. Generally, whatever organization the wife ends up joining, they usually end up getting a two-fer deal out of us. It's fun though, and I get to walk around taking lots of pictures. There were a few interesting things that we put bids on, but other people ended up outbidding us on them.

There's also a silent auction (the fundraising portion) that goes along with the charity ball that the students work hard at putting together. Lots of donations from local businesses are solicited and put up for auction. The money raised helps fund various student-run programs like the CARES clinic.

The end of the evening ends up being a little hectic with people lining up to pay for and collect the items they won, and people running back and forth brining things up to the front table (that's usually where I pitch in and help out a bit). It's all fairly well organized though and goes pretty smoothly for the most part. Anything that's left over at the end of the night are collected and carted back to campus so that people can come by to get their items later.

Looked like everybody had a good time at this year's event again.