Dust bunnies beware!

We decided to buy a Dyson Animal BallAfter Roomba died, we were stuck with using the old vacuum again (over there on the left). Does a reasonably decent job for being a 10 year old vacuum. We were going to get another Roomba, but then the wife decided she wanted a Dyson. And not just any Dyson either. We were going to get a Dyson Ball.

After some reading and research, we decided to get the Animal variant, partly because of the extra attachments it comes with, and partly because of the cool purple colour.

The wife got to use it first, and after seeing the pictures of what came out of the carpet, I'm sold. Now admitedly, it had been a while since our last vacuuming so that was probably a few weeks worth of dust build up. Still, I don't think it's anywhere near what our old vacuum would have sucked up.

The Dyson is a bit on the heavy side, but actually surprisingly easy to move around. It's also a lot quieter than I expected. I used it a little bit last night to vacuum along the baseboards with the mini-turbine head. The hose is nice and long, although it becomes a little bit cumbersome moving around with the rest of the vacuum dragging behind. The telescoping wand is reasonably thin, and with the crevice tool allows me to get into places that our old vacuum wouldn't (it had a larger diameter hose). I was finally able to get to those clumps of dog hair towards the back of the fridge!

I imagine the house will be pretty clean with the new Dyson (at least for the next few weeks until the novelty factor wears off).