Las Vegas in one word: Gaudy

Capital G gaudy, but an interesting place. Slot machines are the first thing you see getting off the plane, and they'll probably be the last thing you see leaving. Got some time to kill waiting for your flight? Feed the one-armed bandits for one last chance to leave Vegas on the plus side. Waiting for your partner to finish the grocery shopping? Spin the slot machine wheels to try to win enough to pay for them.

On today's itinerary was the Bellagio where we started with the brunch buffet, then wandered around the expansive resort to check out the scenery. The Fine Art Gallery at the Bellagio was the wife's attempt to instill some culture into me. Nice paintings but Impressionism, which was on display, wasn't something that ever really appealed to me.

Lots of upscale restaurants to spend even more money on at Bellagio. $12 iceberg lettuce wedge salads and up from there.

The next stop was Mandalay Bay and the Shark Reef exhibit. It's basically a large aquarium based on predatory fishes and other sea creatures. Mandalay Bay was pretty expansive with even more upscale uber-pricey restaurants, mostly Asian themed.

A Fry's Electronics shop was the final destination this afternoon for checking out their goodies. Plenty of things for a geek to drool over, including a quad-Opteron MB for just under $1300.

The final event for the day was Cirque du Soleiel's Zumanity. Not your typical Cirque show, and definitely one the kids won't be able to see. Great show with some great performances. Not quite as acrobatic or circus-y as some other Cirque shows I've seen, but still very good.