Wear comfortable shoes

Even if you're just wandering through a couple of casinos to sightsee, it's not difficult to put on 8 or 9 km worth of walking around. Finding a place to rest your feet and take a load off can be a bit challenging too. Most of the time the only seats around are either in front of slot machines, at the gambling tables or inside restaurants. You can sometimes find benches scattered about, but those are usually few and far between.

Horseback riding was on the schedule for the afternoon, so we took it easy in the morning and didn't do much. After a bit of some miscommunication (either they didn't record our reservation or forgot about us), we ended up making the 50 mile drive north of Vegas to Sagebrush Ranch (not much of a ranch...just a few trailers and storage buildings and some horse pens) for their Sunset trail ride and dinner. It's actually not too far off I-15, but feels like it's in the middle of nowhere. A few more riders than they were expecting showed up, so the trail ride got off to a bit of a late start because they had to saddle up some extra horses.

The ride itself was pretty cool. Rode down through some dry stream beds, up to the top of some hills, back down through some flat areas and saw lots of desert with the mountains for a backdrop. Clouds obscured the sun setting behind the mountains, but it probably would have been really cool. Because of the late start, we ended up spending the last third of the trail ride in the dark. There was no moon in the sky either, so it was really dark, although you could still see the dark shapes of the brush and other riders nearby. Good thing the horses knew where they were going.

After being on a horse for almost two and a half hours, most of the riders were glad to finally make it back and get off the horses. The evening ended with dinner (either steak or chicken) and marshmallow roasting over a campfire.