7 years at work

Marking the 7th year on the job here go started off with an early bonus. This week I got to transfer to the much coveted E lot parkade across the street after 7 years on the waiting list. Woo hoo!

Year 7 was a pretty good year marked with lots of new equipment and a few accomplishments. It was also another year where I added more things to my to-do list than I managed to tick off. Between keeping up with the latest technology and taking on more research, things are getting busier than ever at work which is starting to make getting all the equipment surveyed on time a little more difficult. Hopefully one of the things that happens in year 8 will be hiring of another physicist to share the load.

In the meantime, this 8th year coming up I have lots to look forward to. I'll be wrapping up a couple more research projects and trying to get them published or presented somewhere, starting up a few new projects, new digital x-ray equipment being installed and getting more involved with the PET/CT scanner. Should be another good and very busy year.