A day in the life of an 8 week old pup

0600: Get woken up by dad taking big sis out to go potty
0630: Get woken up again by dad to go out to potty
0645: Mmmm, breakfast!
0730: Go potty again
0800: Go for a car ride! Hey, where's mom going??!!
0830: Back home again. Get to walk outside again!
0900: Zzzzz
1000: Wake up and play with dad and big sis
1030: Go out to walk around and potty. Hey, who's that dog over there?
1130: Lunch!
1230: Another car ride. Whee! Hey, it's mom! Wait, where's dad going??!!
1300: Zzzzzz
1330: Get treats from mom for doing stuff. This is cool!
1400: Zzzzzz
1600: Another car ride? Hey, it's dad!
1630: Go out and potty. Can we go for another walk?
1700: Is it time to eat yet?
1800: Ooo, dinner!
1845: Zzzzzz
1930: Play time!
2130: Go out to potty. Hey, it's dark outside!
2145: Play time again!
2300: Dad says it's time to go to sleep
0130: Dad, wake up! I gotta potty!
0600: Is it time to get up yet?