A fun day at PetFest

We managed to make it out to Pet Fest today before all the big rain started coming down. It was a little windy though, but it was a nice day for being in the park. Lots of people and lots of dogs to see (and for Nala to visit with). Had a really great time at Pet Fest (our first time going...forgot to bring the camera though) and saw some great vendors selling dog related things. One of my favourites were the door mats sold by Dog Lovers @ Home. The wife couldn't resist getting Nala another pair of Doggles, so we got her a pair of the Racing Flames ILS doggles.

One of the reasons we went was to see if we could get Nala past the Canine Good Citizen test. After taking her out walking around to see the booths, visit other dogs and see/participate in some of the contests (gotta tucker her out a bit so she's not so wound up), she managed to pass the test on her very first try! Yay!!! She's well on the way to one of our goals of getting her into therapy dog work. We're also looking forward to trying out some dog agility with her.

Go Nala (CGC)!