Back on the food merry-go-round

The search for a food for Nala continues. After about 2 months on the Blue Buffalo Lamb & Rice, Nala's back to having soft runny and now mucousy poops. Since everything else about Nala looks normal, the only suggestion the vet could offer was that Nala had a sensitive or irritable bowel (large bowel issues) that wasn't agreeing with one or more of the ingredients in her food. Rats. She was looking really good on the Blue Buffalo food too.

So now it's back to searching for another food. In the meantime the vet suggested we put her on some Science Diet i/d for a while. He says it's a very digestible food for dogs with sensitive tummies.

This time I'm going to take a more methodical approach to finding a food with a thorough ingredients comparison. I know that when she was on Diamond LB Lamb & Rice everything was fine. It wasn't until the beginning of the year when we started switching her to adult foods that the soft poop problem started.

So breaking out the trusty spreadsheet, I put all the ingredients for each food in and see what's in the Premium Edge, Wellness and Blue Buffalo that's not in the Diamond. Since they're all so different, filtering out what's in one and not in the other is easier than it sounds, but at a first iteration, the Premium Edge, Wellness and even Blue Buffalo have some kind of fish or fish meal in them. More noticable is that they also all have some form of barley, which the Diamond doesn't have. So maybe it's the barley Nala's reacting to. Neither the Diamond or Nutro lamb & rice have barley or corn in them, so those are two possibilities for us to try. Diamond does have fish meal in it though, so if Nala has problems with fish too, Nutro might be the one to go with.

Anybody want a 30lb bag of Blue Buffalo lamb & rice to try?