Happy anniversary!

5 years ago today, the wife and I finally got around to getting hitched. We were going to get married when we were in Detroit, but that was interrupted by our move to Charleston, so once we moved down and got established the wedding planning got started in earnest. 2 years later (to save up some $ and about a year of planning) we got mawwied!

It was a very nice spring day that started off with me and the guys stuffed into our little 1 bedroom apartment getting up, a panicked phone call from the wife telling me to rush over to the dry cleaners to pick up one of the bridesmaid's skirts, running out to the grocery store to pick up the sandwich platter and trying to figure out how the tuxedos went together.

The day followed with meeting the women over at the courtesy suite at Charleston Place and then off to Middleton Place for the photos. Weather was perfect with not a cloud in the sky (which made hanging around in black tuxedos a little bit toasty).

After the photos, it was back downtown to the church where we waited around for about an hour and cooled off while guests started arriving. Final primpings were done and then it was showtime!

It was a very nice ceremony with a lot of Catholic pomp (but no mass, since I'm not Catholic). Afterwards there were more photos inside the church and then outside for photos with everyone else. Then we went off on a carriage ride through downtown (the wedding party got their own carriage ride tour too) and got dropped off at Charleston Place for the reception.

People still talk to us about our reception and what a great time they had there. It seemed like everyone was having a really good time too. Definitely wasn't one of those eat-and-run receptions I've been to before. People stayed until the very end when the DJ announced the busses were here to take everyone back to their hotels. They were even carrying off the centerpieces and table decorations we made (which we encouraged...what the heck were we going to do with 35 table centerpieces...)

One of these days I need to get a scanner and scan all the photos. I also need to redigitize the wedding video and put it onto DVD. The wedding was definitely an event to remember.