Is he grown up yet?

Ok, we've only had Simba for 3 days now, but it feels like it's been 3 weeks. Whew!

I don't remember the first few days with Nala being quite so challenging, but then again Nala was two weeks older than Simba when we brought her home. She was just starting to get into the trainable phase. Simba's still just a dopey blank slate that loves nothing more than to hop around like a jumping bean. I think he's started to recognize us calling him though and reacting to his name.

So far Nala seems to be adjusting well to the new addition. Simba hasn't quite got the idea that he's been weaned yet and always tries to nurse on Nala when we put them together. At first Nala was wondering what the heck the little guy was doing until his needle teeth sunk in. Then she was outta there. She doesn't let him do that anymore, but he still tries.

Getting Simba used to staying in his crate is a little tougher than it was with Nala. With Nala it was pretty easy. Throw pieces of kibble in and let her go after it. Not working quite so effectively with Simba yet. Either he's not quite as food motivated as Nala was, or he's just not as trainable yet. I have a feeling it's going to take a little more work with Simba.

This kid is going to be a lot more work than Nala was.