Meet Simba

Yesterday we got to bring Simba home from the breeder. Here he is at 8 weeks in a rare still shot while the wife and breeder are inside going over paperwork and stuff.
Meet Simba

I brought him back inside so the wife could hold him for a bit before we left.
Simba giving the wife some kisses

When we got Simba home, we brought Nala outside to introduce her to Simba. Nala wasn't quite sure what to make of this black furball the wife was holding. Then we brought them inside so they could check each other out some more.
Simba meeting Nala
I think Nala's still not quite sure what to make of Simba or why he's still here. Hard to believe that Nala was once that size.

After a while Simba pooped out. We're slowly working on crate training him. He doesn't mind it too much and will sleep in it, although he's still a little reluctant to stay in it. He's adopted some strange sleeping positions in his crate. Here he's managed to prop his head up against the side of the crate and is sleeping peacefully.
Sleeping in his Sphinx pose
Most of the time he's got his head dangling out of the crate like this. Don't worry, he can still breathe.
Sleeping with his head hanging out