Puppies at 7 weeks

One more visit with the puppies before we get to bring ours home next week.

We were the only ones visiting the puppies today. When we got there, they were all outside in their outdoor pen while their indoor pen was being cleaned. It seems they all like to pile into their little doghouse.

Doghouse Puppies

After a few minutes, the puppies noticed they had visitors and were all eager to greet us.

Puppies greeting visitors

Puppies greeting visitors

We got to take Simba out to play with on the front lawn. We also brought some toys to leave with him and his littermates, so that when we bring him home he'll have some familiar smells with him for the first few nights.

Chewing on a toy

We played with him for a while, and then Simba got tired and decided to take a nap.

Taking a nap

We let him nap for a while out on the front lawn, and then took him back to his littermates, who also decided to have an after-lunch nap.

Napping puppies

Next week Monday we get to bring him home! Check out the rest of the pictures in the gallery.