Search log spam?

Sometimes the search terms I find in the activity log for my blog really puzzles me.

Over in the sidebar, there's a block called Search the blog. It doesn't say 'Search the Web' or 'Search the Internet'. It says 'Search the blog'. That's exactly what it does: search this blog using MT's search function. That's all it does too. It doesn't search anything else. So why has someone been feeding the blog search long strings of spam URLs? Is this perhaps another attempt at spammers to hijack blogs? As if comment spam isn't bad enough.

I don't know about anybody else, but I don't display search terms that people have entered anywhere in the blog or in stats, so the only place they're visible is through MT's admin interface. But perhaps there are some people who do show off recent search terms. It seems like spammers might be trying to capitalize on that by inserting spammy search strings which would then end up showing up in bloggers' visible search term lists.

Wonder if anybody else has seen this happening.