What do you mean there's no water?

The flight home was pretty uneventful although a little long. Fortunately we had some DVDs to play on the laptop to keep us entertained, although I think some pop may have spilled on the keyboard because it's been acting a little flaky since the flight.

Arrived back home to news of a water main break that disrupted water service to pretty much the entire area. Apparently the break occurred in a 48" water main near the treatment plant, so it wasn't exactly a trivial issue. Serviceable water pressure was restored reasonably quickly, but they've been telling people to boil water before drinking or cooking with it.

Vegas was fun overall. Had a good time checking out the resort casinos that we've been watching all about on Travel Channel. We managed to pack in a lot of things over the week we were there and had lots of fun. Almost would have liked another day or so maybe, but we were glad to be getting back home. Maybe we'll make another trip out there another time. Who knows, the wife might even want to go there after she finishes school. I guess time will tell.