Charleston Blog Party

Yesterday's blog party was a lot of fun with a pretty good turnout of interesting people to meet and chat with (and with surprisingly little geek speak!). I think everyone had a good time, so hopefully more of these will be scheduled later.

I got there a few minutes late because of the train

The flag at the SC Aquarium was lowered to half-mast, but nobody knew who had died.

Dan Conover, one of the masterminds of the operation was one of the first people I met.

One of the great things about Toucan Reef is the view of the new Cooper River bridge

This is part of the old bridge stuck in the mud

Attendance was pretty good with a much more diverse crowd than I had expected

Joan from Walk This Way even managed to get us some schwag for the party

Mustang Rolling brought his car along

so everyone headed over to pose with it

I didn't get a group picture, but everyone else did.

Vera from Vera's Crafty Blog showed off some of her work

Everyone enjoyed the tasty food at Toucan Reef and everyone else's company

Sunset treated us to a cool view of the bridge and the Yorktown

Check out the rest of the pictures here