Random doggie musings

With the three runoff ponds up the street from us, there are a lot of frogs hopping around. With all the cars around, that also means that on any given day there are probably a few flattened frog corpses lying on the road too. Now that it's getting hot out, those flattened frog carcasses bake out in the sun and turn into what Mike calls frog jerky (a very fitting description). Like Mike's dog, Nala seems to love going after frog jerky. Fortunately for us, we've managed to catch her before she can chomp down too much on them. No puked up frog bits from Nala. Of course that doesn't mean she hasn't puked up other things. Mostly it's bits of chewed up sticks we find. Invariably she waits until she's on some nice absorbent carpet before starting off with that characteristic huffing sound that says she's about to spew. What is it about dogs that makes them chew and eat things that inevitably wind up coming back up again?

This makes wonder about other dog things too.

  • How do dogs manage to pant so hard without hyperventilating?
  • Why do some dogs like to eat poop?
  • What's it like to be able to smell like a dog?