Home ownership a year later

It was a year ago today that we closed on our house. Time just flies doesn't it. We had barely moved in before starting to tear things out, most noticably the carpet in the three rooms. We were planning on doing the rest of the living room this summer, but that may not end up happening until later on in the year depending on the cash flow situation.

In the meantime, we have actual patches of real grass starting to grow in the back yard! The sod in the front yard is starting to look a little on the patchy side though, so I think I'll have to do something about that soon.

The rest of the house is cruising along nicely. No major breakdowns or flaws that I've seen or noticed. At the moment, the two projects we have in the near future are extending the patio out back and maybe laying down some sod on the side of the house where all the sand was left over from construction.