Hooligan Moment #1763

It was a bright sunny afternoon with most of us lying around either up on top of the houseboat or down below in a pleasant state of drunkeness. Some of the guys were out tooling around on rented jet skis. Suddenly we were all jolted out of our drunken reverie by a loud WHAAAAMMMMM! We went over to the side to see what hit us, and there in the water was a disabled jet ski and Scott floating in the water with a large red welt on his back. Strangely enough he seemed more concerned that he couldn't get the rented jet ski started back up again and how he was going to explain it to the rental place.

Later we learned he was out on the water spinning donuts a little too close to the houseboat and spun himself into the end of the houseboat pontoon. You could even see the marks left by the bolts in the large bruise on his back. He may not have been feeling any pain at the time, but he was sure feeling it later on in the day.