It never pays to be in a rush

One thing I always try to do is never be in a rush to get somewhere. Whenever you're in a rush, invariably something goes wrong that delays you, so you end up having to rush even more. Traffic is too slow, there's an accident slowing things down, all the stop lights are conspiring against you. Stuff like that. It just gets really aggravating, frustrating and stressful, and it's easy stress to avoid too. I figure what's the point in rushing. I'm going to get there anyway. If I'm a little bit late, I'm a little late. I think I'd rather just be a little bit late than get pulled over for speeding or get into an accident.

Today, I wasn't in a rush but the wife was to get to an appointment. So what happened? I start pulling out of the garage and hear a funny noise. I get out to see what's going on discover that one of the front tires is flat. Pretty much blows any chance of the wife getting to her appointment, so she had to call and reschedule while I busted out the jack and spare tire to replace the flat. Good thing we bought that air compressor last year too, because the spare was a little low on air. 30 minutes later, the flat tire's in the trunk and the spare is on and filled up. Off we go to drop her off at work.

Well, it looks like I needed a couple of new tires anyway, which means a trip to Sears after the weekend.