Just call me Bacon

I have a new scent, Eau de BBQ.

Our catering services were called upon this weekend for my brother-in-law's birthday party. 12 pounds of ground chuck and 4 pounds of ground turkey were turned into burgers and then grilled along with about 4 pounds of hot dogs and sausages, and around 10 pounds of ribs. 3 hours of grilling later (he needs a bigger grill if he's going to keep having parties like this) I was smoked like bacon. I'm sure I wasn't quite as tasty though. Two days and 4 hair washings later, my hair still smells like hickory smoke.

I think people found the food tasty though. For a while the burgers were going off the table as fast as I could get them off the grill.

The dogs had a good time out there too
Simba learning how to play tug with the ball

Post #1000! And all before this blog turns 3 too.