My day at the park

Today we had a fun day at the park with mom, dad and that bratty brother of mine. I got to have more fun though, because he's still too little and had to stay cooped up in his crate. Nyah nyah nyah.

We went to that park downtown where all the people go to buy stuff from other people under tents. There were lots of dogs there today which made it especially fun.

First dad entered me in this contest and made me walk up and down in front of some people who kept looking at me.



I didn't win anything, but dad was still happy anyway.

Then we walked around to check out everything. We saw lots of neat looking dogs. There were big dogs
Big dogs
and really little dogs
little dogs
a really drooly dog
a drooly dog
and a bunch of dogs like me
dogs like me!
We even saw another dog trying to get donations to help other greyhounds get nice homes with people.

After that we went to another party with all kinds of other dogs like me. The best part was getting to swim and play in the water! There were all kinds of fun things to do like running into the water to grab things. One contest was to see who could jump into the water the best.

Another contest was to see who could bring the toy back fastest. I got third place in that one! It was fun!

Then everyone got to go in at the same time and play.

Even that silly brother of mine got into the water to play. He did pretty good for going swimming for the first time.

A pretty cool day.